USO and Leadec Join Forces to Support Service Member Transitions

The USO offers many valuable programs to support service members throughout their military journey, even extending into their transition to civilian life. But these resources are not only available when service members are transitioning, they are accessible to all active-duty men and women and their spouses throughout their military tenure.

Eli Bryant (left) and Tatjana Bieker (right) meet USO staff and service members at USO Stuttgart before their presentation. | Photo credit Courtesy Photo

USO Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Transition professionals noticed a growing interest among service members in Germany seeking guidance on post-military career options, particularly regarding opportunities to stay in Europe. Recognizing the need for employment options overseas beyond the competitive federal sector, the USO began a partnership with Leadec.

A company with more than sixty years’ experience, Leadec specializes in supporting manufacturing industries throughout every stage of a factory’s existence. Operating across more than 350 locations worldwide, HR professionals from Leadec are great resources for people wanting to stay in Europe a bit longer.

Service members received lots of great information and some Leadec swag at the Transitions webinar at USO Deployment Processing Center. | Photo credit USO Photo

“USO and Leadec are a great team in navigating careers in Germany and even throughout the globe,” said Christof Baumgart, Leadec Senior Vice President Global HR and Organization. “Leadec’s Talent teams are eager to share career insights with U.S. Military service members. There are great job opportunities for various backgrounds, competencies and experiences. This meets the great diversity and personalities in the USO community which has been impressing us since we teamed up. We are convinced that Leadec is an employer of choice in this community today and beyond.”

Tatjana Bieker, Head of Talent Acquisition for Leadec Europe, collaborated with staff at USO Stuttgart to address this need. Recognizing the potential to support service members in Germany, Leadec embraced the opportunity to host USO Transitions Watch Parties for USO EMEA. These events address service members’ burning questions about employment prospects and staying in Germany post-military service.

In June of 2023, Leadec officially became a community partner of USO EMEA, solidifying their commitment to supporting service members. By October of the same year, Leadec’s Tatjana led her inaugural class, laying the foundation for an ongoing collaboration.

A service member takes notes during the Navigating Careers in Germany webinar at USO Grafenwoehr. | Photo credit USO Photo

The [Transitions workshop] is a great example of compassion meeting collaboration,” said Ashley Grassl, USO Area Director. “It’s fantastic to see Leadec’s support for service members and their families in action, helping them find dream jobs in Germany. We’re grateful for their partnership.

Fast forward to April 2024 and Tatjana hosted her second class, which streamed to three USO centers live across Germany. Service members explored the German job market, received invaluable resume advice and gained insights into successfully navigating the transition process.

Service members and spouses learned about the German work industry, how to appropriately prepare for their transition out of the military and were provided with fantastic information on best practices when applying and interviewing for their new careers.

Service members enjoy a Transitions Session on Finding Employment in Germany at USO Stuttgart. | Photo credit USO Photo

“I thought the training session today was really good,” said one service member as he took notes. “Lots of good information as far as the visa process, salaries, resumes, how to apply for jobs and also getting to meet some of the hiring people. I’m actually signed up for the USO Transitions Program and heard about this event there.”

In true USO-style, attendees enjoyed delightful eats while absorbing important information. From homemade chili at USO Grafenwoehr, to ice cream sundaes at the Deployment Processing Center and a vibrant atmosphere at USO Stuttgart, each center fostered a supportive environment for learning and networking. A few lucky participants walked away with information and USO swag in Stuttgart, where Tatjana streamed live.

“Absolutely loved this event. Thank you so much USO,” said LTC Larumbe. “Not only do you take care of us around the world, in every airport, every station, everywhere we are – but you also take care of military and their families in our way to transition.”

In essence, this Transitions workshop exemplifies the power of collaboration in serving the military community. With Leadec’s steadfast support and the USO’s dedication, service members are equipped to pursue their post-military dreams with confidence.

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